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Garage Door Maintenance Guide


Your garage door requires twice-yearly maintenance to keep it working its best. The springs (Black coils above door face), Hinges, and rollers need to be lubricated once every 6 months to prevent rust and aid in movement.

We recommend “WD-40® Specialist® Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant” to use for lubricant since it is able to stick to the door and will not drip on your car or yourself once the door is up. Do not use regular “WD-40®” it will drip on your car.

The most important part of your garage door maintenance is the Springs. Lubricating them will prevent them from breaking and help them lift the door. Below is a figure on how to properly lubricate the springs. NEVER TOUCH THE SPRING WHEN LUBRICATING, the spring is under tremendous tension and should never be touched. 


When spraying the springs make sure to spray just one single line across the spring (see figure to left). The open and close motion of the door will work the lubricant into the spring. Remember to NEVER TOUCH THE SPRING.

For spraying the rollers (see figure below left) spray the wheel portion that will be inside your garage door track on the sides of your door.

For spraying hinges (see figure below right) spray the center of the hinge where the movable joint mechanism bend. Most squeaks on the garage door are from an unlubricated hinge. 

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